ARC Balanced Literacy Program

What We Learned About ARC in GCS

During Guilford County PAGE’s meeting on July 20, 2016 with Dr. Hardy and her team, we were provided with the following information and clarifications:

• ARC ( is based on thematic, cross-curricular, 6 to 9 week units by grade level based on a core non-fiction or fiction text and independent reading texts. There didn’t seem to be an interest in allowing elementary teachers to gain access to middle school research labs and middle school teachers to gain access to high school labs for gifted students because of concerns about students having to repeat the same material later.
• Professional development for teachers over the summer has been optional, and at the time of our meeting, the plan was for teachers to receive official training when the school year commences.
• Students will be assessed using the ARC assessment instrument known as the Independent Reading Level Assessment (IRLA) framework.
• Two-hours of daily literacy instruction will include whole group learning, writing, labs and independent reading. Teachers have flexibility to determine component sequence, and can use small group or individual conferences with students.
• In middle school, for instance, teachers in advanced English Language Arts classes may choose a different core text, which reflects the grade level theme.
• For independent reading, students will have access to on grade level books as well as two grade level spans above and below grade level. It’s uncertain if higher level texts will be provided.
• Throughout the school year, teachers and administrators will have the opportunity to give feedback on the implementation and progress of ARC.

GCS Contact Information:

Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Nakia Hardy:
Curriculum and Instruction, PreK-5, Executive Director, Dr. Whitney Oakley:
Curriculum and Instruction, Secondary, Executive Director, Ms. Leigh Jones:

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